Friday, March 25, 2011

Cards and Notebooks

Today I really don't have anything "prim" to show, but I have a couple of crafty things. I am not sure if you know this but I love to make cards and other paper crafts. The card below is for D#1 to give to one of her best friends. She picked out the paper and I designed the card.
Above: I did ink the edges to give it an antique look. The candle flame is yellow flock. I am not sure if you are familiar with "flock", but it is all the rage in the card industry. It is just basically fluffy fibers. I am not really sure what the companies make it out of but I have a very cheap and easy way to make your own. I think that it looks pretty neat, but it is expensive, especially if you want all the colors. Hopefully this weekend  I can do a tutorial on making your own "flock". It really adds dimension to your projects. I will do some before and after pictures so that you can see the difference. This tutorial will be on my other blog: .

Above: I used glitter on the icing. Colored the mice with my copic markers.

Above: Little Tailor Mouse is in my Etsy store ( . Read about him and his brothers: .

Above: this is a mini notebook that I created recently. It is a thank you for an Etsy customer that recently purchased something from my Etsy store. I really do appreciate my customers and my goal is to make them happy and pleased with what they ordered. And that my items they purchase live up to their expectations.

Above: I love these little books, especially for writing lists.

A big "thanks" to everyone that reads my blog- THANK YOU. I love writing entries and find it a wonderful way to communicate to others throughout blog land. My sister and I talked about this for a long time and I am so glad that we decided to embark on this adventure together. Her blog is : .

Tonight I don't have to think about supper. Son's FFA (Future Farmer's of America-for school) is having a fundraiser: Fish Fry, glad it is not monster truck racing or tractor pulling,
Have a great night,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So sorry I haven't had any new posts lately. I have misplaced my camera cord. It is the one that hooks the camera to the computer so that I can load all my pictures onto my blog. Not sure where it is. I am going to really look for it tonight.
Gotta go and look for that missing cord,