Friday, September 5, 2014

Car Line Stitches

I love to cross stitch. I have been cross stitching since I was 8. Back then the large Aida was in style, now it is the linen. I absolutely love linen. The linen looks more original to the little school girls' samplers that I dearly love. Needlework is so relaxing to me. I loooovvvveee doing needlework in the car line when I pick D#2 up (it keeps me from falling asleep). Granted it is only about 20-30 minutes but you would be surprised what you can accomplish in that short of time. Take a look and see :)
This was a freebie from Notforgotten Farm. I did change the date to "31" instead of "13". I usually don't stitch Halloween things but Lori was having a contest and how could I resist? Well.....that was last year and as you can see it was not finished. I didn't know how to finish it, so it sat at the bottom of my little stitching basket until this past August. I finished it in about 3 days, so less than 2 hours. I am thinking of making it into a little pillow. The backing will be that little scrap of pumpkin fabric. The pumpkin fabric is only 5" square.

Closer look.

I have been working on this piece for 2 1/2 years. It is a Stacy Nash piece. It is not very big but I got kind of tired of it. I completed it this past August too!! I think a little bowl filler pillow is in it's future. Scissors are 4" and show how small this piece is too.

I love this piece. Again, another pillow. I have almost finished it. It is a Brenda Gervais piece. She has the most amazing patterns. I love it that she will kit the threads for you. That saves so much time! I am in love with two of her new pieces but since everyone else loves them too, they had to put their shop on vacation while they play catch up to the flood of orders. I can't wait to order mine!!

Hope you enjoyed the car line stitches! What are  you working on? Are you baking a cake, working on your Christmas gifts, stitching, cooking supper? 
Keep those needles sharp and have a great weekend,