Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So sorry I haven't had any new posts lately. I have misplaced my camera cord. It is the one that hooks the camera to the computer so that I can load all my pictures onto my blog. Not sure where it is. I am going to really look for it tonight.
Gotta go and look for that missing cord,

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  1. Dear #1, did you find the cord? The pics were pretty good anyway. Love looking at CPfun and P&P and reading your writings. Guess what we are watching? The Wrath of Khan Star Trek movie. Dontcha know! Live long and prosper.
    Have you made your little mohair bear? For as long as you can remember??? really?? BYH
    Isn't this cold weather the pits? If Liz reads this she will scorn our complaining.and rightly so. BHH
    Lee is sitting in his recliner having a problem. ran daddy out.
    did you remember daddy's bday?
    How is every one? well at last i hope. love you, mama