Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Fall, Y'all!

It is finally time to put out the fall decorations and it won't be long until Christmas ones are up! I love Fall. The apples, pumpkins, hay rides, corn mazes, leaves turning, and of course the cool, crisp Fall air. I took a few pictures around the house. Enjoy!
Landing on the stairs. This space is small but able to support an antique Singer sewing machine, antique chair with antique apple crate. The pumpkin with the sweet face was painted by my mother, probably 35 years ago. I have hung onto it for years now and it is one of my favorite pieces.

The Resolute Desk. Well...not actually the Resolute Desk. I love the movie National Treasure! So, after I refinished this desk Dear Hubby's grandmother left him, we dubbed it The Resolute Desk. If you haven't seen this movie, and you love history, action and adventure this movie is for you.
A little bit of fall on the mantel.

Patriotic Fall. Yes, that's Lincoln.

Another antique sewing machine (treadle). This one is from the Free company. See the candle holders. My sweet Father-in-law made them for me. Look at that sad little bent candle on the left. I love these candles and bought them from a wonderful, sweet little local store here in town. The name of it was Antique or Not. She has since closed her brick and mortar and move to Idaho! Pam is so sweet. If you get a chance click here to visit her. D#2 and I dearly miss her wonderful Prim store. I purchased a lot of pieces from her including this "Free" sewing machine.

Display on the buffet. Scarecrow my mom made, Snoopy and friends in the pumpkin patch (it is lighted) and ceramic spider that I painted. Push his pom pom and he makes spooky noise. D#2 use to push it and run like the wind. She still doesn't like the ooooooo noise it makes, so I push it while she is at school :)
Antique wooden hay fork that I found locally. I want to make a tiny quilt to go behind it to look like this:
(Temecula Quilt Company)
My antique pie safe. Fall leaf garland with basket of pine cones. See the cinnamon broom to the left of the pie safe? It still has the plastic on it. Why? Man! that broom strong!! The scent of cinnamon was so overwhelming that I had to put the plastic bag back on it. I now lift the bag about 1 inch a week. Smells much better. I purchased this pie safe from money that I saved after doing a lot of commission work: curtains, pillows, costumes, etc.
This beautiful secretary was also purchased with my commission money. I love saving up and purchasing a large antique piece. It might take me a few years or few months, depending on what is to be purchased. The garland is lighted. The antique mantle clock was a birthday gift from dear hubby and the kids. The tiny chair with the pumpkin was a flea market find at $6. I have been collecting the firkins for a while now and find then labeled the strangest way. Some have said: wooden bucket(no surprise there-that is what it is), utensil caddy, old paint bucket, pencil holder (smaller one), slop bucket, etc. No one around here seems to call them a firkin. But, when labeled "firkin" they tend to go for high $$. So I'll take my slop, pencil, paint bucket any day. The sweet little vintage desk was a Saturday find. Found it up in Hickory, NC at my favorite antique store there. It is so cute! I love it. The bear is one of my first that I ever made. His body is actually upside down. His bottom is on top and his top is on bottom :)
D#2's piano. Christmas music is already coming out of it! Decorated with leaf garland and wool pumpkin.
Even the top of the refrigerator gets some garland.
Can't forget the balcony. This space has always puzzled me. I am not sure how to decorate the two blank walls to the left and right. To take this photo I am standing in front of the front door. I don't really want to hang another quilt up. I love the way Cracker Barrel decorates their walls and thought about doing little displays up there. Oh what to do.
Have a great weekend,


  1. Awww, I miss you too, Holly! I love all your fall decor; it looks so warm and inviting. I noticed where you said you want to make a small quilt...I'm working on finishing my second large one (finally!). I recently picked up one of the Schnibbles books so thought I'd try one of those little quilts. Should be fairly quick and easy!


  2. Hi my name is Nadine and I am trying to find out more about the ceramic spider with music. I love my mom's spider she made and she has given to me but the music has finally died and I am trying to find maybe where you painted it or someone I can find that I might find another. Or even if you know what music song it plays so I might replace it.

    Many Thanks and best wishes