Sunday, February 20, 2011

Please Pass the Needles..

The primitive pincushions are closer to completion. I am not sure how to put them on Etsy. It is a whole different direction than my clothespin dolls. Should I open another store to sell them? I believe that they kind of frown on that? Not sure, will have to check that out. Anyway, here's the new pincushions. I have used a pattern from cheswick company for the little pumpkin man and the bag is from sew by photos.

Above: Little mouse pincushion. He is holding a very large button, sitting upon a ball pincushion filled with stuffing and rice for weight. The little bag is for trash, such as snippets of fabric, wool or string. The long hand dyed ribbon is for your scissors. Tie them on and then when they are not in use, place them in the little pocket on front. A wool heart and antique skeleton key complete the scissors pocket.

Above: Fabric and wool strawberry. Two wool heart pins. The mouse, ball pincushion, leaves, heart pins, etc are made from wool felt or wool fabric.

Above: The bag is made out of Jo Morton reproduction Civil War fabrics. The lining is made from the same line of fabric just a different pattern.

Above: Scissors using the pocket and ribbon. These scissors are 5". 4" and under scissors would work also.

Above: better photo, look at left hand corner in previous pic, can see gap of background fabric. bummer.

Above: side view.

Above: Mouse has little tufts of wool fibers in his ears. Oh rats....I mean...mice? I forgot a tail for him. Must cut a piece of leather cording and make tail asap!

Above: must be very windy in Miceville. I can't get his scarf to lay down. Wasn't sure how to adhere the button to him. I tried several different things for him to hold, but kept going back to button. He looked so helpful and cute holding the button. I knew glue, hot or otherwise wouldn't work. It would show and the button is so smooth, would probably pop off sooner or later. Thread worked wonderfully. I really don't like to glue my stuff. I try to always hand sew anything that is tedious. I think it looks much better than gluing. Not that gluing something is bad, sometimes it is very necessary.

Above: This is Little Numpnee. Numpnee is what my sweet little darling D#1 used to call a pumpkin. She was not quite 2 when she called all pumpkins Numpnee. It all started when her great-Grandmother Nell brought her a little puppet pumpkin with kitty cat. She loved that pumpkin and would call it "Numpnee".
Little Numpnee is by cheswick company. I did change the pattern some. The face is different and I made the arms and legs like my clothespin dolls arms. In her pattern he is a standing doll. So cute! Of course I haven't finished it. I am going to add some velvet ric rac to the ball, scissors pocket and scissors ribbon to the bag and stitch the saying "Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere". And something for Numpnee to hold.  

Above: Instead of a strawberry, he has a spider.

Above: I wanted his face to look vintage. His hat still need to be finished. The thready yarn needs to be glued down and a pom pom on top. I know it seems very early to be doing something for fall, but I just couldn't help myself. I have had this kit for a year and had planned on making him last summer but didn't get around to it. Now I am not sure if I want to sell him or not, he is so cute in person. He is only 4" tall sitting down, hat not included in measurement.
That's all I have for today,


  1. These are both adorable. I especially like the pumpkin pincushion. I could really see some quilters snatching these things up! BTW I forgot to tell you that I linked you on my blog for your cotton pickin fun blog! You are busy busy busy! love you, e

  2. I love your mouse pincushion. Your attention to detail is wonderful. I just found your blog and bookmarked it. Keep on blogging!

  3. Love the mouse pincushion too.
    Excellent artist!