Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wool and Civil War Fabrics = Pear Pincushion

This is a little something that I have been working on. I just love prim pincushions, especially fruit and animal themed ones. This is a pear that I whipped up. Well...actually it took about 5 attempts before I got it like I want it. I still want to tweak it some, maybe make it taller. The little bag is something that I have been working on for a veeerryy long time. I just didn't like any of my bags. They didn't stay open, too floppy and the bottom was not wide enough. My sister sent me a link for a blog that has the most adorable bags with a tutorial to boot. All that she asks is that you give her credit for the pattern.
This bag was perfect. I didn't use her measurements or fusible interfacing technique-I didn't have any on hand. I just used regular interfacing sewn to the lining. Created my own measurements to fit my needs. Really the only things that I borrowed from her were: how she attached the lining to the outer shell and making the corners bigger. My old bags used the right sides together liner attachment which requires you to turn the bag inside out and sew the turning hole closed.
The pear is made from wool and civil war reproduction fabric. The bag is made from coffee stained linen and civil war reproduction fabric. Leaves, stem and 3 pear sections are wool felt. I haven't finished it. The skeleton key will be tied on some how and I am going to add a ribbon so that you can tie on a pair of scissors to keep them handy and not always lost. I should know, I am forever loosing my scissors. Might even make a small felt strawberry needle book. This will keep needles from getting lost in the pincushion--always happening to me.
Above: Bag is not attached to pear yet. I think that I might add a circle of wool to cover up where the bag attaches to the pear.

Above: small paper mache box. I painted it black and sanded it. I am going to add a stain to it and them maybe a mouse and tufted pillow/pincushion? Not sure yet. Will keep you updated.
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